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Your Magic Wand

What’s the one thing you want to be really good at? The one thing, that if you had a magic wand, you would wave it and instantly be world class at this one thing. I have good news: you do … Continue Reading Your Magic Wand

You Have a Choice

I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting to turn right on my drive home yesterday. There was a car traveling in the lane I was waiting to pull into and thee driver… was… moving… oh… so… slowly. Until all of … Continue Reading You Have a Choice

Indirect Promises

There are only two ways of earning trust, as best as I can see it: Directly, by following through on the promises you make to make to the people in your life. Indirectly, by developing a reputation as someone who … Continue Reading Indirect Promises

Friday Finds

I’m looking forward to getting offline this weekend as we clean out the garage at home. Before I go, here are a few rad things I found this week.

Think Like an Owner

Whether you own your own business or work in the middle of the org chart, thinking like an owner is crucial to your growth.

We are Black Roses

I’m excited to announce the┬álaunch of┬áBlack Roses, a brand design agency I’m starting with some of my best friends.

The First Dollar I Ever Earned

The first dollar I ever earned came from Doc Evans. I was about six and Doc was, I’m guessing here, probably 100 when he hired me to rake and bag the leaves on his driveway.