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Friday Finds

It’s been a great week continuing to build the business at Black Roses; especially as we get ready for the Thanksgiving break next week. I’m looking forward to getting offline this weekend as we clean out the garage at home. Before I go, here are a few rad things I found this week:


This ad is as moving as it is beautiful. I’ve never heard of John Lewis & Partners until this morning but they’ve definitely got me thinking about spending more money this Christmas than I want to.


Club Loofah is a brand Black Roses is building and we were featured in The Ridiculous but Awesome 2018 Holiday Gift Guide at Gwyneth Paltrow’s  Fresh loofahs delivered monthly, right to your (shower) door for just $4.99!


“You don’t have a brand unless someone is willing to pay a price premium over a comparable product. Nike can open a hotel and you’d know what to expect. If Hyatt made a shoe, you’d have no idea what to expect. One of these two has a brand.”

Seth Godin

HT: Merea Price


This week’s episode of Freakonomics Radio featured the CEO of Ford, Jim Hackett,┬átalking about his mission to move from a manufacturing giant to a technology and data company. My key takeaway was seeing his breakdown of the revolution happening in the automotive industry to three key areas:

  1. The shift from gas to electric
  2. Self-driving systems
  3. The cloud structure for transportation.

Tesla and Honda are obviously killing it in electric vehicles, so rather than try to play catch up there they are shifting all of their energies to getting out ahead in the other two areas. I love risk takers.


Chip In is a cool new iPhone app that takes the hassle out of groups paying for things together. It’s like Square Cash meets peer pressure.

This would be a cool way for a group of family members to all chip in on a larger Christmas gift for mom and dad.

What did you stumble on this week that I should check out?

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