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You Have a Choice

I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting to turn right on my drive home yesterday. There was a car traveling in the lane I was waiting to pull into and thee driver… was… moving… oh… so… slowly. Until all of a sudden, which no real indication, the driver turned right and out of the lane I was preparing to join.

It turns out there was no reason for me to wait. I wouldn’t have cut the driver off if I turned early – the driver wasn’t even planning on coming my way (though they failed to properly communicate that to the rest of the world). I wanted to yell.


But I didn’t. I just carried on, turned right, and drove home home. I realized I could choose to simply not become angry.

It’s almost certain that you will get slowed down, cut off, or otherwise inconvenienced by someone today. If not on the road, certainly in life.

In that moment, just remember – you are being presented a choice.

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